Overdoing it can put us in bed for days!

Overdoing it can put us in bed for days & that is a fact of Fibromyalgia.  In the first 10 years of my experience with Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia I had no idea on how to manage my pain & I constantly pushed myself to do the absolute most just to please people, to notContinue reading “Overdoing it can put us in bed for days!”

Employment | Working with Fibromyalgia

Hey everyone! As circumstances around the world due to the global pandemic are returning back to normal and shops, schools, nurseries, offices, restaurants, salons, bars and other places of work are reopening. This means most of us are returning back to work or looking for a job if we are able to work, so IContinue reading “Employment | Working with Fibromyalgia”

Mental Health Awareness Week | Loneliness

Today I am partnering up with someone who I’m proud to call one of my close friends, she has been working on a project for Mental Health Awareness Week, something we both are passionate about. She has been brave enough to share her story and I am honoured to have been asked to collaborate withContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week | Loneliness”

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day | Invisible Illness

Today is the 12th May which is Fibromyalgia Awareness day. In all honesty this is the first year I have really been able to take full acknowledgement of this day and its importance and actually throw myself into raising awareness. I feel I can now do this as I am now in a place whereContinue reading “Fibromyalgia Awareness Day | Invisible Illness”

With acceptance comes peace

“Never let the things you cannot do prevent you from doing the things you can.” – Coach John Wooden I cannot find a word fitting enough to describe how indescribably challenging my journey to accepting life with Fibromyalgia has been, but at this point in my life I couldn’t be more grateful for the strength I’veContinue reading “With acceptance comes peace”

What is Fibromyalgia?

Before I begin to take you on my journey with Fibromyalgia, I feel it is important for everyone reading this to know what Fibromyalgia is. People rarely speak of or know about it due to the nature of the condition, but it is actually common which is why I’m here, to raise awareness.  But beforeContinue reading “What is Fibromyalgia?”

Always have hope

12 years ago, my life changed forever. I was an 11-year-old girl beginning her life at secondary school which was already a big transition as it was in every young girl’s life. However, it was not the only change in my life, in 2008 I had developed symptoms of chronic pain. I was left withContinue reading “Always have hope”