Overdoing it can put us in bed for days!

Overdoing it can put us in bed for days & that is a fact of Fibromyalgia. 

In the first 10 years of my experience with Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia I had no idea on how to manage my pain & I constantly pushed myself to do the absolute most just to please people, to not miss out on things, to mask my pain, to achieve what I wanted to & to just be normal. However, it would backfire & set me back on things for days which in turn had a negative impact on my mental & physical health.

It would put me in a state of agony, unable to walk, sleep, eat, find comfort or peace & even then I still felt the need to try my best to mask it & pretend to myself & others that I was okay, although sometimes this became impossible. 

In very recent years I’ve accepted & come to peace with how my life has had to change & I’ve tried to adapt my lifestyle to living with Fibromyalgia. I’ve learnt the important of pacing & resting. 

Different ways in which I ensure that I use the coping techniques of resting & pacing are: 

1. Taking a nap for two hours most days after work.

2. I try & make sure whilst I am at work I take rest breaks from being on my feet. 

3. I have changed my contract at work to working 4 days a week instead of 5 so I have a day off in the middle of the week to rest.

4. I try & get into bed at a decent time to make sure my body gets a good nights rest. 

5. I make time to have a relaxing bath twice a week with salts that will relieve and help my body. 

6. When planning on going out I prepare myself by reducing the amount of physical activity I do prior to the event or activity. 

7. Sometimes I make decisions not to go ahead with a plan, event, activity or social gathering to prevent the consequences of even more pain. 

8. Since speaking out about my journey with Fibro, I tend to not always mask my pain & ask for help when needed or speak up when I am unable to do something 

All of the above help me massively however they’re not always as easy to follow as they seem. Life gets busy, work gets busy & as strict as I try to be with myself I still hate to let people down & don’t want to miss out on things. So I do still have bad periods & flares but not as often!

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