A note of appreciation

A note of appreciation 💌🤍

To my family; my parents, sisters, two brother in laws, cousins, goddaughters, aunties & uncles & my boyfriends family. I appreciate you all more than you can imagine, I thank you for your love & support no matter how hard it can be (especially in my immediate family) & I know how hard Fibro can be to understand so thank you for everything you do for me! Love you unconditionally.

To my boyfriend Montell, thank you for accepting, understanding, embracing, loving and supporting everything I am including my Fibromyalgia & helping me physically and mentally, inspiring me and pushing me in everything I do, I love you.

To my friends now, you have never treated me any differently or excluded me from anything due to my Fibro & I am thankful to have a group like ours! I know at drink ups & link ups things can be a bit different for me but you always make me feel better just being in your company! Thank you for always looking out for me & telling me off when you try stop me from doing things that will make me feel worse 🤣 love ya’ll

To my bestfriend Jade, thank you for always being there for me no matter what, working with me on my projects with your amazing talent & supporting me in everything!

To my work colleague & friend Rachel, girl I don’t know what I’d do without you, I thank you for brightening up my dark days at work & I’m so lucky to have met you this year and be able to work with someone so understanding and supportive, love you sis

It is almost a year since I joined the Instagram community of Fibro Fighters as terrified as I was to speak out so honestly, openly and publicly it has been the best decision as I’ve connected with so many other inspirational individuals on here some of you I’ve know for only a year & one special individual Eve-yasmine for 12 years, I hold you all very close to my heart 💜

Last but not least everyone else on here, friends who I have no seen or spoken to in years but who are constantly cheering me on, sharing and commenting on my posts I appreciate your support and love so so much! I thank those of you who follow my journey and again show their support, it inspires me to carry on and never give up!

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