Always have hope

12 years ago, my life changed forever. I was an 11-year-old girl beginning her life at secondary school which was already a big transition as it was in every young girl’s life. However, it was not the only change in my life, in 2008 I had developed symptoms of chronic pain. I was left with no understanding or answers as to what this pain was, how to make it better or why this was happening. I was then diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome 4 years later in 2012 and it was only last year the diagnosis changed to Fibromyalgia which although it was a diagnosis it is where I lost a lot of my hope. Knowing there was no cure or very much knowledge to this unbearable, excruciating pain that I was experiencing 24/7 at such a young age was soul destroying. But here I am 12 years later living the life I am today; I am an Upper Second-class Graduate in Early Childhood Education, I have been employed for the last 4 years, I am in a happy relationship, have family and close friends around me and I remain positive. Don’t get me wrong getting to the place of peace and acceptance that I have reached was far from easy and I still have bad days but don’t we all. I can’t be the judge of when things will get better for you, but they will, things will get easier. You just have to make a promise to yourself that you will keep trying and never give up!

10 thoughts on “Always have hope

      1. You’re welcome.Don’t forget to check out my own postings and tell me what you think.


  1. Keep fighting girl. You are a dear Niece and you have been very strong and proud of you. Remain positive and you will get over this. Enjoy life and cherish each day.

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  2. Dear Katrina firstly I feel totally wounded for the difficult time and when it comes to having pain specially it certainly hard to cope with in it self, you are in my warmest prayers Katrina for the good lord almighty god Jesus to heal you completely amen


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